Standard finishes for bathroom fittings shown below.

Antique Brass:

Antique Brass is an electroplated gold coating on solid brass, which provides the finish of newly polished brass.

It is a very hardwearing, low maintenance finish.


Brass is solid brass polished to a high shine and then sealed with a clear powdercoat.


Chrome is an electroplated coating on solid brass.

 Powdercoat Colour:

Powdercoat Colour is coloured powdercoating on solid brass.

Most colours represented on the DULUX powdercoating chart are available.

 Velvet Chrome/Antique:

Velvet Chrome/Antique is a brushed electroplated coating on solid brass creating a matt finish.

 Special Combination:

Special Combination is a mix and match of any two finishes.

 Something Different:

Detailed above are the only standard finishes for the bathroom fittings. Delway operates it's own metal polishing, powdercoating and electroplating plants enabling us to create a variety of different finishes. If you want to match something or have something different in mind contact us and we can advise what is possible. For example we have aged brass, copper and nickel to name a few.