Powdercoating Gallery


BEFORE & AFTER                     

To truly appreciate good quality work sometimes you need to see what it was like before it was restored.

Below are just some examples of work Delway has undertaken.

At Delway we restore, refurbish, repair and rejuvenate and offer a large range of metal finishing services.

As many of our customer say we bring things back to life.


Security screen doors:

Removed , sandblasted, primed, powdercoated, door handle polished and coated, delivered and reinstalled.

                                    Before                                                         After     


                                   Before                                                           After               


                             Before                                                            After


Fireplace: Sandblasted and Powdercoated


                               Before                                                               After


Bike Frame: Sandblasted and powdercoated. (Customer replaced stickers)

                              Before                                                       After


Safe: Sandblasted, powdercoated and chrome plated.

               Before                                         After

Driveway gates and fence:

Picked up and removed, sandblasted, repaired,  primed, powdercoated, delivered and reinstalled.

                         Before                                                                After


Sewing machine base: Sandblasted and Powdercoated

                       Before                                                                 After


Memorial sign: Primed and Powdercoated

  Before                                      After             In place on Kangaroo island with Artist Dave Clarke