Electroplating FAQs Adelaide

What is Electroplating?

Electroplating is the application of metallic coatings (chrome, antique brass, gold etc ) to metal surfaces by an electrochemical process.

What are the advantages of Electroplating?

Electroplating provides a protective, corrosion resistant finish. It offers a beautiful shiny finish, which is durable and easy to clean.

How long does it take?

Metal restoration is a vey labour intensive process. With only so many hours in a day and people in our workshop we don't profess to have quick turn around times for electroplating. Currently our minimum turn around time is 8 to 10 weeks. With that said if you need something in a hurry please let us know, we may be able help.  

How much does it cost? 

We would love to give you an idea of time frame and cost, however every job is different. Pricing depends on a number of factors including the work involved, the size and condition of the article. To get a quote either call in to our showroom with your article or email us some photos with your details and details of the article. We can provide ball park figures and time frames over the phone so give us a call for an idea to get you started.

Where is your electroplating done?

Here at Delway, 30 Conmurra Avenue Edwardstown South Australia. High quality electroplating in Adelaide, come and experience the difference. If you would like to learn more about the process and see it in action, ask us for a tour. We regularly host groups and welcome you as our guest.

Why does Delway electroplate?

After being a customer of electroplating services ourselves we decided to build our own electroplating plant to ensure good consistent quality every time. We began plating our own range of high end bathroom accessories. Word spread of our quality chrome plating in Adelaide and today Delway electroplates a vast range of items for many different customers. Come and experience the difference.

Do you have a display of your work and finishes?

Yes. We have a full showroom dedicated to what we do. Come in and see our range of finishes and examples of our work. We are much more than just an electroplating factory.

Did I see Delway at a car show?

Yes, Delway does have a stand at some show and shine events. At the request of our customers we attend their car clubs' show days. It is a great way to see our work, ask questions and get advice for your next project. Next time you see us make sure you call past for a chat.

What products can be electroplated?

Most metal items. Car parts, basin and bath tap sets, plumbing fittings, including floor grates, flush pipes, traps, cistern connectors, nuts etc. Bathroom accessories including towel rails, towel rings etc., door and window hardware. It is a particularly useful process for items made from brass or copper. So, tapware for example may not need to be re - purchased. Delway can re finish them to their original condition or we can change the finish to suit new decor.

What is a one stop metal finishing shop?

At Delway we are known as a one stop shop. This is because we do a large range of metal finishing services ourselves, all the processes are done in house at our factory in Edwardstown. There is no need to take your parts to various places around Adelaide as at Delway we do it all in the one place. Electroplating, Metal polishing, Powder coating, Fabrication and Repairs are some of the services we offer.

What other services are available?

Metal Stripping, Metal Polishing, Metal Fabrication and Powder coating are some of the other services available at Delway. When electroplating we remove the original finish of the item, re polish the metal and then apply any of these finishes : Nickel, Satin Chrome, Chrome, Gold (Antique Brass), Copper, Florentine Bronze, Zinc.